Using Google Sheets To Increase Efficiency


Google Sheets was introduced to be a competitor to MS Excel, with a major differentiation – the ability to collaborate online.

While Excel still rule the roost, Google Sheets has seen some major traction among entrepreneurs, freelancers, and teachers.

Google Sheets has some amazing features (some even better than Excel) that makes it a great choice for someone who wants to use spreadsheets without shelling out any money.

I have been a heavy user of Excel and Google Sheets both. Here are my thoughts on when using Google Sheets can be the way to go.

Creating and Managing Lists

You can use Google Sheets to create and manage lists. These could be simple to do lists or could be tasks that you can assign to some one. A simple bullet point list can really help you manage your work well.

Since you can access google sheets from any device with internet, you would always have access to your list.

Similarly, you can create checklists that can help you and your friends/colleagues be more efficient. For example, I often use Google Sheets while planning a vacation with friends. It helps me create a checklist that I share with everyone to follow.

Track Project Work and Progress

I find Google Sheets a great tool to track activities and deadlines in a project. While large companies have in-house tools to manage and track projects, a small company or startup can easily use Google Sheets without burning cash.

You can also create a simple Gantt Chart or timeline chart in Google Sheets to visually see the progress and milestones.

Creating and Managing a Database

I have seen a lot of teachers use Google Sheets to create and manage a database of student names and marks.

Just like most of the other spreadsheet tools, Google Sheets has a wide range of formulas that you can use to automate grade calculation and reporting.

A cool way to use Google Sheets is to have the database in the back-end and use the VLOOKUP function to fetch the details of any students instantly. For example, you can simply enter a student’s name (or many be create a drop down and select the name from there), and Google Sheets function will extract and give you all the information about the selected student (such as his/her marks, grades, etc.).

Managing Virtual Assistants

A lot of entrepreneurs and freelancers use virtual assistants that are located far away geographically.

Google Sheets really help in assigning work and keeping a track of the work. Since it can be accessed by the virtual assistant via cloud, there is no need to send files back and forth and worry about the versions.

Google Sheets also allows you to leave comments to a specific person and tag that person in the comment using their email id. This instantly sends the tagged person a notification that there is something that needs their attention.

Google Sheets has many other amazing features, but it’s far away from competing with Excel as an analysis tool. However, due to it’s web based functionality, it has become the spreadsheet tool of choice for many people, and this number continues to soar. If you’re new to the world of spreadsheets, you can find many online videos and tutorials on Google Sheets.



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